AC VVVF Drive Module .
AC VVVF Drive Module are used for Speed Control of AC Induction motors / Slip ring motors with the concept of keeping V/F ratio constant. The Drive modules additionally provide power saving in turn they reduce the current drawn by Induction motors. This Model is the Industrial / Educational model suitable for demonstrating to students the complete know of the Basics, Speed control, Study of all parameters & variation of frequency upto 500Hz & Maintenance of these motors packaged in small rating. Students can make connections of their own with the help of the terminations provided for study / monitor of features on the display provided on the panel.

Specifications :

  • Power ratings available : 1KW / 2KW / 5KW / 10KW
  • Voltage Input: 440V AC 3Phase 50Hz
  • Output : 0-440V with V/F constant
  • Output frequency can be varied from 0 to 500Hz
  • Module can be fitted in Control Panel on request

List of Experiments:

  • No load speed control of AC Induction motor
  • ON load speed control of AC Induction motor
  • Speed control of Slip ring Induction motor
  • Torque boost function provided
  • Speed reversal
  • Efficiency Analysis
  • Basic Overhauling Know how

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