Naugra Workshop Tools, Workshop Machines and Workshop Turnkey Projects

Welcome to Naugra Workshop Setup including Workshop Tools and Machines and Turnkey Projects: Naugra Workshop Machines Exporters has diverse business interest in International Trade, Infrastructure and Industrial Projects, Exploration of Natural Resources and Special Economic Zones. Operations are focused on several rapidly growing economies for setting up turnkey projects - Multilateral funding viz. World Bank, Asian Development Bank, African Development Bank and United Nations. Bilateral Credits from Government to Government routed through Export Import Bank of India. Supplier’s credit – arranged for specific projects. Buyer’s own funds.

Workshop Machinery: Automobile Workshops Machines, Carpentry and Woodworking Workshop Tools and Machines, Mechanical & Metal Working Workshop Machines, Welding Workshop Machines Exporters and Manufacturers of Inspection and Testing Workshop Machines, Repair and Maintenance Workshop and Mobile Workshops machinery from India. Workshop Supply of all types of Welding Machines, Equipments and Consumables.

Naugra undertakes Design, Engineering, Procurement and Supply of Turnkey Projects and Equipment, including providing the related training and capacity building, in the areas of: Agriculture Mechanization & Irrigation, Agro Processing and Dairy, Animal Husbandry, Fisheries & Poultry, Medical and Health Care, Education and Vocational Training, Workshop Equipment, Water & Waste Water, Construction and Material Handling, Engineering and Industrial Projects, Quarter Master Supplies.

Sectors: Power, Water, Irrigation & Agriculture, Industrial Projects, Social Infrastructure. Naugra sets up projects on total turnkey basis which includes civil construction, feasibility studies, design, engineering, procurement, supply, installation, training and trial runs.

Cost effective projects and Workshop equipment exporters: Naugra activities in the areas of Engineering Supplies, Industrial projects, Infrastructure Development as well as Financial Services within developing countries in Africa and Asia.

Naugra Power, Naugra Water, Naugra Irrigation & Naugra Agriculture, Naugra Industrial Projects, Naugra Social Infrastructure. Naugra sets up projects on total turnkey basis which includes civil construction, feasibility studies, design, engineering, procurement, supply, installation, training and trial runs. Workshop Machinery leading lathe machine exporter in India and exporters of all Geared Lathe, Drill Machine, Milling Machine, CNC Machines, Automatic Trimming Machines, Multispindle Drilling Machines, Heading Machine, Stamping Machine, Milling SPM, Drilling SPM, India. Exporter and manufacturer of workshop machinery, woodworking machinery from India.

Naugra Workshop suppliers of Workshop Machine and Workshop Training Tools with over 50 years of experience, we deal in all types of workshop machineries, both heavy duty & light duty including:

Workshop General Industrial Machinery
01. Lathes (Belt driven, All geared, Planner type, Roller turning)
02. Drilling (Bench type, Pillar type, Radial, All geared)
03. Hacksaw Machine (Mechanical, Hydraulic)
04. Horizontal Band saw (Swing type, Double Column)
05. Slotting Machine
06. Hydraulic Thread Rolling
07. Milling Machine
08. Automats
09. Horizontal Boring
10. Centreless Grinder (Mechanical, Hydraulic)
11. Surface Grinder (Hand Operated, Mechanical, Hydraulic)
12. Cylindrical Grinder (Mechanical, Hydraulic)
13. Tool & Cutter Grinder
14. Shaping Machine (Belt Driven, All geared)
15. Heavy Duty Planners & Planner Millers
16. Vertical Turning Lathe (VTL)
17. Double Action Deep Draw Press

Workshop Sheet Metal Machinery
1. Shearing Machine (Hand operated, Power, Hydraulic, CNC)
2. Press Brakes (Hand Operated, Motorised, Hydraulic & CNC)
3. Power Press H type / C type (Mechanical, Pneumatic Clutch, Hydraulic)
4. Plate Bending (Two Roll type, Three Roll type, Pinch cum Pyramid type)
5. Hand Press (C.I. Body, Steel Body)

Workshop Wood Working Machinery
1. Surface Planner
2. Thickness Planner
3. Circular Saw
4. Vertical Band Saw
5. Chisel Mortises
6. Auto Moulder

Workshop Automobile Machinery
1. Vertical Fine Boring
2. Hydraulic Honing
3. Hydraulic Press
4. Crank shaft Regrinding
5. Line Boring
6. Connecting Rod Boring & grinding

Workshop Machines and Tools for Plants like Nut-Bolt Plants (M.S. & S.S.), Wire Nail making plant, Wire drawing & wire Straightening Plant, Wood Screw & Machine Screw making plants, paper pins & gem clip making plant and also deal in Extra Heavy Duty Forging presses, Hammers and Billet Shearing Machines as per customers requirement with quality guarantee and easily availability.