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Agricultural Irrigation Systems

Naugra is a trusted agricultural irrigation systems manufactures, suppliers & exporters from India. We have an extensive range of agricultural irrigation instruments of latest designs available at affordable price.

We are the most preferred agricultural irrigation equipments suppliers in many schools, colleges, universities, vocational training centers, government training centers, testing & research labs worldwide.

Few of our agricultural irrigation systems are canal irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, centre pivots irrigation, drip irrigation, irrigation pumpsets etc.

Canal Irrigation

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Canal Irrigation Open canals carry water over long distances and various topographical ter....

Sprinkler Irrigation

Irrigation projects0002

Sprinkler Irrigation Sprinkler irrigation is similar to rainfall. Water is piped to centra....

Centre Pivots

Irrigation projects0003

Centre Pivots irrigation is a form of sprinkler irrigation consisting of several segments ....

Drip Irrigation

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Drip Irrigation Water is delivered at the root of the plant drop by drop. Lower water pres....

Irrigation Pumpsets

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Irrigation Pumpsets These are simple centrifugal pumps up to 150mm x 150mm coupled to manu....