Area Moment Method .

Area Moment Method

Description of Area Moment Method

The Area Moment Method equipment is used for verification of the deflections and slopes of a beam by area-moment method. Area Moment Method is to be used with Universal Structural Frame. The beam has two moment supports with a knife edge. The support allows longitudinal travel of the beam. Each support has a rotating arm. The arm rotation is monitored by a dial indicator. The moment is applied and measured by load on the rotating arm. The beam deflection is measured by a dial indicator.

Technical Data of Area Moment Method

  • Beam Steel : 2 ea.
  • Aluminum : 1 ea.
  • Brass : 1 ea.
  • Vertical displacement shim (for cantilever test) : 1 ea.
  • Moment Supports : 2 ea.
  • Pulley for upward loading : 1 ea.
  • Load hangers : 2 ea.
  • Weights : 1 lot.
  • Dial Indicator : 1 ea

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