Cavitation In Pumps Kit

Cavitation In Pumps Kit .
Cavitation in Pumps Kit              

Technical Description of Cavitation in Pumps Kit   
Cavitation can play a major role in the vibration of pumps during operation. With the accessory set, cavitation can be experimentally induced and its influence on the vibration spectrum investigated. The principal elements of the accessory set are a single-stage centrifugal pump and a storage tank. The pump and tank are interconnected by hoses. Valves and manometers in the delivery and intake lines allow various operating conditions to be set. The transparent plastic pump housing provides a view into the interior of the pump during operation. This enables the formation of cavitation bubbles to be observed. Stroboscopic analysis is specially recommended (stroboscope not supplied).

Specification of Cavitation in Pumps Kit              

    Investigation of the conditions for cavitation in pumps
    Single-stage centrifugal pump
    Flow control valves permit the inception of cavitation
    Manometers on intake and delivery side
    Transparent housing
    Pump driven via coupling or with belt drive
    Accessory set for machinery diagnostic training system
    Stackable box for storing all components

Technical Data of Cavitation in Pumps Kit    
Centrifugal pump

    Max. Flow rate at 3300min-1: 17L/min
    Max. Head at 3300min-1: 12m
    Impeller with 3 blades
    Min. speed for cavitation: approx. 2240min-1 (with Restriction on intake side)
    Material: HDPE
    Capacity: 20L
    Delivery side: 0...4bar
    Intake side: -1...1,5bar
 Dimensions and Weight of Cavitation in Pumps Kit     
    LxWxH: 600x400x310mm (box)
    Weight: approx. 16kg

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