i.   Built in DC Power Supply
ii.  Onboard firing circuit.
iii. Test points provided to check the outputs at different blocks.
iv. Easy to operate and understand
v.  Sockets provided to make different connections
2.    Specifications:
i. On Board Firing Circuit
- Triangular wave
- Comparator firing scheme
ii.   Frequency Variation
- 27 Hz to 5 KHz (approx.)
iii.  PWM variation
- 0 - 50%
iv.  Interconnections
- 2 mm sockets (Gold plated)
v.    SCR Assembly
- SCR TYN 616, 600 V, 16A
vi.  Test points
- 5 nos (Gold plated)
vii. Mains Supply
- 220V/110V; 50 Hz / 60Hz
viii.   Learning material: CD (Theory, procedure, Reference results, etc.),
 Online (optional)
ix.     Dimensions (mm) : W 420 x D 255 x H 100
x.      Weight : 1 Kg. (approximately)
Operating Conditions : 0-40oC, 85% RH

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