Compressed Air Refrigeration Training Bench

Compressed Air Refrigeration Training Bench .

Compressed Air Refrigeration Training Bench

A Compressed Air Refrigeration Training Bench for studying refrigeration using compressed air. This is an unusual method of producing cold air by the expansion of compressed air.

Using the whirling motion of a specially designed and shaped vortex distributor, the compressed air expands and is divided into a cold stream and a hot stream. The cold stream is utilised and the hot stream is exhausted into the environment.

The demonstrates the types of systems that are used in a lot of small applications in dangerous environments where systems using electrical power cannot be used or where there is no electrical power supply.

The designed and manufactured to incorporate all current safety standards.


Thermodynamics of compressed air

  • Demonstration of producing hot and cold air through a system that has no moving parts
  • Detecting the operating curve of a vortex tube by varying the inlet pressure and the weight ratio between hot and cold air
  • Plotting the air transformation due to air expansion on a temperature-entropy diagram
  • Determining the outlet temperature in relation to the feed pressure
  • Determining the useful refrigeration power
  • Coefficient of performance (C.O.P) determination

Technical Specification

  • Vortex tube 300 l/min at 7 bars
  • Double vortex compressed air expansion chamber
  • Feed pressure regulator
  • Electronic thermometers
  • Pressure gauge

Flow meters

  • Control of air flow entering the vortex tube by a pressure regulator located on the front panel
  • Quick connection for compressed air feed

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