Computer Control Learning System

Computer Control Learning System .

Computer Control Learning System covers how to program, operate, and interface programmable controllers in a variety of industrial applications used in the automotive, packaging, and technological assembly industries, to name a few. The programmable controller is one of the most important developments in industrial automation because of its ability to be quickly programmed to control a wide range of industrial processes and machines. Typical applications include: robots, conveyors, electric motor controls, air conditioning, process control, plastic injection molding, and CNC machines. The Computer Control Learning System includes a metal, silkscreened enclosure mounted with an industrial 1000 programmable controller. The enclosure mounts to the Electric Relay Control Learning System to provide control of real-world electrical and pneumatic application devices. The Computer Control Learning System PLC I/O terminals are wired to heavy duty banana jacks, enabling learners to quickly connect the PLC I/O to the I/O devices. Computer Control Learning System also includes communication cable, student curriculum or interactive multimedia, and a student reference guide, and requires PLC programming software.

Features of Computer Control Learning System


  • Industrial Standard Components
  • Heavy Duty Welded Steel Workstation
  • Plug-In Interface to External Devices
  • Multimedia Curriculum Available
  • Student Reference Guide

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