Damage to Gears Kit

Damage to Gears Kit .

Damage To Gears Kit

Specification of Damage To Gears Kit

  • Investigation of the vibration behaviour of gears
  • Two-shaft gear unit
  • 2 damaged and 2 undamaged gear sets
  • Spur toothed and helical gearing, 4 gear sets in total
  • Housing with sensor holes
  • Transparent housing cover
  • Gear can be lubricated with grease or oil
  • Loading of experimental setup with brake and load unit
  • Accessory set for pt 500 machinery diagnostic training system
  • Stackable storage system to house the components

Technical Data

  • Transmission ratio i: 1:3
  • Centre distance adjustable
  • Reference profile
  • Spur toothed gear sets
  • Gear wheel: 75 teeth on each, m=2mm
  • Pinion: 25 teeth on each, m=2mm

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