DC Starters .
DC Starters (Resistance Cut Off Starters) cannot be started directly with the applied voltage as the back emf is very low hence very heavy current flows in the motor, to reduce the inflow of current resistance is inserted in series with the motor armature & once the motor starts rotating the resistances are gradually cut off.

Features :

This concept of starting of DC Motors has 3 Basic types of DC Starters:

  • 2 Point DC Starter for DC Series motors
  • 3 Point DC Starter for DC Shunt motor
  • 4 Point DC Starter for DC Compound motor


  • Power ratings available : 350W / 750W / 1KW /2 KW / 3KW/ 5KW
  • Voltage Input: 220V DC

List of Experiments:

  • DC Series motor starting with 2 Point DC Starter
  • DC Shunt motor starting with 3 Point DC Starter
  • DC Compound motor starting with 4 Point DC Starter
  • Educational type with components visible
  • Basic Overhauling Know how

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