Deformation Of Frames

Deformation Of Frames .

Deformation of Frames

Specification of Deformation of Frames

  • Investigation of the deformation of steel frames under load
  • U-shaped and s-shaped frame
  • Statically determinate or statically indeterminate bearing support possible
  • 1 long and 1 short clamping pillar
  • Roller bearing for statically indeterminate support
  • Loading of the frame by weights
  • 2 sets of weights with a movable hook to adjust to any load application point
  • Dial gauges record the deformation of the investigated frame under load
  • Storage system to house the components
  • Experimental setup in frame

Technical Data

  • Frame made of steel
  • Edge length: 600mm
  • Cross-section: 20x10mm
  • U-shaped: 600x600mm
  • S-shaped: 600x600mm
  • Dial gauges
  • Measuring range: 0...20mm, graduations: 0,01mm


  • 2x 1N (hanger)
  • 8x 1N
  • 6x 5N

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