Double Sided Brake Trainer

Double Sided Brake Trainer .

Double Sided Brake Trainer

The double sided two-wheel hydraulic brake system trainer is used to demonstrate the functionality of a typical hydraulic braking system as it operates on a real vehicle.The Double Sided Brake Trainer is built with OEM components and is based on the non-ABS Toyota Yaris platform.  This space saving double work station can be used in the classroom environment for demonstrations to students.

Educational Advantages of Double Sided Brake Trainer


  • Demonstrates full functionality of a 2-wheel hydraulic brake system
  • Provides easy access to all brake components without the confinements of a vehicle
  • All brake system components are accessible for complete mechanical and hydraulic repair and service
  • Space saving double work station
  • Provides two separate 2-wheel braking systems each with its own master cylinder and pedal

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