Dynamic Friction In Pin Disk

Dynamic Friction In Pin Disk .
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Elasto Hydrodynamic lubrication occurs in roller bearings, gear wheels and cam followers, whose contact surfaces are subjected to high loads. These surfaces are elastically deformed because of high contact pressures. The theory of elasto-hydrodynamics (EHD theory) takes into consideration the elastic deformation of the bodies in contact with each other and provides a basis for calculating the influence of lubrication on damage to gears and roller bearings.
Learning Objectives And Experiments
    Together with the drive unit
    Determine the thickness of the lubricating film at the contact point of a sphere with a plane surface – compare with theoretical value
    Study the effect of load and speed on the thickness of the lubricating film
    Elasto-hydrodynamic behaviour between the sphere and rotating-glass-plate friction pair
    Investigation of the thickness and shape of the lubricating film

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