Eddy Current Dynamometer for Motor Testing

Eddy Current Dynamometer for Motor Testing .
EDDY Current Dynamometer for Motor Testing are suitable for testing of Rotating machines AC or DC, basically these are also used as indirect method of loading of any machine. The construction features are basically an Eddy Current Dynamometer is constructed in such a way that it is able to indicate the torque produced at the rated rpm & current for the machine coupled to it. The prime mover becomes the motor under test & the dynamometer works as generator & its gets loaded by Eddy current clutch provided in the Dynamo with the help of an exciter unit. This Model is the Industrial /Educational model suitable for demonstrating to students the complete know of the Basics, Components, Mechanicals, Loading methods, Torque evaluation, Loading scheme, Wear & Tear & Maintenance of these motors packaged in small rating. Students can make connections of their own with the help of the terminations provided for study of features viz Coupling the motor to be tested, Starting methods, Speed-Torque, Excitation control of Dynamometer, Torque measurement. (Providing Load cells is an option)

Specifications :

  • Power ratings available : 1KW / 2KW/ 5KW/ 10KW
  • Voltage Input: 230V AC to Exciter unit
  • Rpm of Machine 1500
  • Single shaft extension, SPDP, IP23, IC01, B3, Class-B, S1, Solid yoke

List of Experiments:

  • Load testing of D
  • Load testing of AC Motor
  • C Motor
  • Torque calculation at various rpm
  • Speed-Torque Analysis
  • Voltage-Speed Analysis
  • Speed reversal
  • Efficiency Analysis
  • Blocked rotor test
  • Cold Resistance & Hot Resistance
  • Motor Operation parameters
  • Basic Overhauling Know how

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