Electrical Machine Trainer .

The Electrical Machine Trainer system is provided with specially designed integrated machines of nominal 300 W / 0.5 HP rating. Control Panels containing power supplies, drives, loading arrangements, electronic and digital instruments are provided along with Machines. The training system is suitable to study a wide range of electrical machine syllabi starting from the basic principle and operation to the detailed study of characteristics of different types of AC and DC Machines


This Machine Trainer consists of the following Machine and Control Panel Sets:-
Machine Set - 1
0.5 HP / 180 V / 1500 RPM / DC Integrated Machine, Coupled with 350 VA / 3 Phase / 415 V / 1500 RPM / Star connected / Rotor Wound / Stator Excited / 220 V DC Separate excitation / Manually regulated / 3 Phase Synchronous Machine with Damper winding. Provided with base and couplings. DC Machine will be Trunnion Mounted Dynamometer type with Linear scales (2 nos.) for torque measurement. DC Machine can run as DC Shunt, Series & Compound Motor as well as Generator. 3 Phase Synchronous machine can run as 3 Phase Synchronous Alternator & 3 Phase Auto Synchronous Motor


Machine Set - 2
0.5 HP / 415 V Stator / 200 V Star connected Rotor / 1440 RPM / 3 Phase / Slip Ring Induction Motor complete with Mechanical Loading Arrangement having Aluminum Drum Mounted on Motor Shaft, Linear spring balances (2 nos.), Friction belt & necessary frame work forn Torque Measurement

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