Energy Efficiency In Electric Motors

Energy Efficiency In Electric Motors .

Energy Efficiency In Electric Motors

Trainer for the study of the Energy Efficiency in the control of electric motors. The trainer allows studying the Energy Efficiency in a hydraulic circuit with motor driven pump controlled by an inverter.

Training Objectives of Energy Efficiency In Electric Motors

  1. Learning and setting a Multifunction Network Analyzer (MNA)  
  2. Learning and programming an industrial Variable Speed Drive (VSD)
  3. Introduction to electric motors
  4. Learning and programming an advanced PLC with operator interface
  5. Introduction to the different sensors/actuators used in this trainer and their main features (float switch, flow sensor, pressure sensors and solenoid valves)   
  6. Learning the energy savings with electric motors and drives
  7. Possibility to import data (saved on micro SD card) in Microsoft Excel environment for processing.  

Technical Specifications of Energy Efficiency In Electric Motors

  1. 3‐phase motor driven pump, 0.37 kW, with cast iron body and brass impeller, max. flow rate 40 l/min.
  2. Three 2‐way NC electro‐valves, direct control, brass body
  3. Flow‐rate transducer, 1 to 40 l/min.
  4. Pressure transducer, 0 to 10 bar, output signal range 0‐10 V
  5. Pressure switch, 1 to 12 bar
  6. Inverter, 0.4 kW, PID control mode as standard, 7 user‐configurable preset speeds
  7. Multifunction network analyzer, line voltages and currents, total active and reactive power, power factors, active and reactive energies, etc

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