Engine Control System Bosch Motronic

Engine Control System Bosch Motronic .

Engine Control System Bosch Motronic demonstration panel represents direct petrol injection system MOTRONIC. Integrated engine control system shows different operation modes of the fuel injection/ignition system and the trainer is based on OEM components of Audi/VW.

The main characteristics and functions of the Engine Control System Bosch Motronic trainer are:

  1. Integrated engine control system with direct petrol injection.
  2. Visible work process of spark plugs.
  3. Easy access for high voltage measurements.
  4. Manual adjustment of the engine crankshaft speed.
  5. Monitoring operation of fuel supply system, injected fuel quantity, spray pattern quality, fuel pressure of the fuel pump.
  6. Low pressure fuel pump in a transparent tank which allows to see its operation.
  7. Complete electric wiring diagram of direct petrol injection system
  8. Electric wiring diagram with built-in banana plug jumpers for measurements and simulation of system fault codes.
  9. Possibility to simulate more than 20 faults by disconnecting banana plug jumpers
  10. Intake manifold flap regulation (vacuum pump is required; optional).

The Engine Control System Bosch Motronic trainer has the following diagnostic and measurement features:

  1. Control unit diagnosis
  2. Control unit encoding/configuration
  3. Reading/erasing fault codes
  4. Diagnosis through OBD 16 – pin diagnostic connector
  5. Electronic control unit (ECU) identification
  6. Displaying the operating system parameters (live data)
  7. Activating the actuators (depending on the control unit)
  8. Throttle valve adaptation
  9. Possibility to measure the parameters of the system connecting to the banana connector
  10. Possibility to measure electrical signal parameters of each system component (such as sensor or actuator)
  11. Possibility to measure high voltage circuit of the ignition system

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