Fatigue Testing Tools

Fatigue Testing Tools

Fatigue Testing Tools .

Fatigue Testing Machine

Specification of Fatigue Testing Machine

  • Experimental Unit For Fatigue Strength Testing
  • 3 Sets Of Cylindrical Test Bars Made Of Steel, Special Shape Bars For Demonstrating The Influence Of Notching And Surface Finish
  • Loading Device With Movable Support, Threaded Spindle With Hand Wheel, Spring Balance
  • Automatic Shut Down On Test Bar Fracture By Stop Switch Integrated Into The Movable Support
  • Drive Via Electric Motor
  • Speed Measurement Via Contactless Inductive Speed Sensor
  • Electronic load cycle, can also be used to indicate the speed

Technical Data


  • Speed: 2.800min-1
  • Output: 0,37kw
  • Load: 0...300N

Electronic load cycle counter

  • 8-digit digital display
  • Can be switched to display speed

Test bars

  • Material: steel Ck35
  • 3 different shapes

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