Four Wheel Honda ABS Trainer .

Four Wheel Honda ABS Trainer

The Four Wheel Honda ABS Trainer is used to demonstrate the functionality of the ABS braking system as it operates on a real vehicle. The Four Wheel Honda ABS Trainer is built with OEM components and is based on the 2006-2010 Honda Civic platform. The Four Wheel Honda ABS Trainer can be used in the classroom environment for demonstrations to students. The instructor can manually select which wheel combinations are desired to lockup prior to application of brake pedal. The Four Wheel Honda ABS Trainer provides a safe and effective method of demonstrating the principles of braking systems used on todays vehicles.

Advantages of Four Wheel Honda ABS Trainer


  • Demonstrates full functionality of a 4-wheel ABS system
  • Allows choice of wheel combinations to lock-up during ABS operation
  • Allows choice of ABS application timing for clearer demonstrations
  • Six system faults that are selected by the instructor
  • Trainer follows OEM wiring schematics
  • Trainer can be used for full mechanical service and repair operations of:
               a.   Front disc brakes
               b. Rear drum brakes
               c. Master Cylinder & Hydraulic system (w/ pedal)
               d. ABS Electrical System (w/ wheel speed sensors)
               e. ABS Hydraulic Control unit
               f.  Parking Brake system



  • Trainer can fit through a standard 30” door opening
  • Provides real world brake pedal feedback pulsations during ABS operation


Features of Four Wheel Honda ABS Trainer


  • Real automotive components with fully functional ABS 4-channel hydraulic system
  • Equipped with DLC for scan tool data stream hookup
  • OEM vehicle instrument panel with indicator lamps
  • Hydraulic pressure gauges at each wheel (4)
  • Fault insertion box (lockable) 6 faults
  • Four (4) hubs equipped with brakes (2 discs and 2 drums)
  • Heavy Duty metal stand with casters for easy transport of trainer

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