Frame For Load Testing 400kN

Frame For Load Testing 400kN .
Frame For Load Testing, 400kN for Science Lab Equipment Laboratory Instruments Manufacturers, Engineering Lab Equipments Manufacturers

The demands of modern, technically sophisticated designs require a solid understanding of the strength and deformation of components. Different load states can be simulated in load experiments and the reaction to the load recorded and analysed. This makes it possible to demonstrate the load bearing capacity of the design by means of experiment. The frame for load tests has been designed specifically for experiments in the fields of steelwork and civil engineering. Large components at a 1:1 scale are studied.
Learning Objectives And Experiments
    Together with the accessories
    Bending tests
    Load tests
    Compression tests
    Load tests on components from steelwork and civil engineering
    Specially designed for large components at a 1:1 scale
    Wide range of applications thanks to extensive accessories

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