Freeduino-USB .

Freeduino Serial is a low cost arduino derivate, and is 100% hardware and software compatible to the popular Arduino Open Source Hardware platform.


  • Easy configuration from Software
  • Input/Output lines can be expanded easily using I2C or SIPO
  • Upload and run programs directly from Arduino Software
  • Easy USB connectivity to Personal Computer
  • Easy programming interface in C/C++ using Arduino software (free)
  • Based on ATmega8
  • Advanced RISC Architecture based powerful processor
  • CPU Clock @ 16MHz
  • On board Hardware reset
  • 14 direct Digital I/O Lines
  • 6 direct Analog I/O Lines
  • ICSP Compatible with many programmers
  • On board 8-16KB Programmable Flash memory & 512 Bytes EEPROM
  • All pins can be programmed for interrupt on change

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