Freeze Drying Plant

Freeze Drying Plant .

Freeze Drying Plant

The Freeze Drying Plant allows to perform the entire freeze drying cycle, thus enabling the student to fully understand both the process and the problems involved in plant design. Freeze Drying is the process by which the solvent of a solution is turned from solid state into gaseous state without going through the liquid state, that is to say that the solvent of a solution (generally water) is separated by sublimation. It is used to preserve foods such as fruit juices, vegetables, meat, and fish.

The Freeze Drying process consists of two stages:

  • First, the product to be dried is frozen below its freezing point.
  • Second the solvent, now in the solid state, is sublimated by heating under vacuum. Evaporated water is frozen on a very cold surface and then eliminated.

The Freeze Drying Plant enables to analyse the influence of the operating parameters such as the freezing temperature, the degree of vacuum, the product heating temperature, the process time. The group is supplied with manuals which describe all parts of the Freeze Drying Plant unit, the installation and utilisation procedures, as well as many exercises with the relative results.

Required services of Freeze Drying Plant

  • Electric supply: 380 V AC three phase, 50/60 Hz, 2 kW.

Weight and dimensions of Freeze Drying Plant

  • Dimensions: 1800x650x1800 h mm
  • Net weight: 185 kg approx

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