Fuzzy Control Inverted Pendulum .

Fuzzy Control: Inverted Pendulum         

Technical Description of Fuzzy Control: Inverted Pendulum

This experimental unit forms part of a series of teaching systems developed in collaboration with the Department of Automation and Information Technology at the Harz University of Applied Studies and Research. The unstable "inverted pendulum" system acts as a mechanical single-variable system. The upright position of the pendulum is adjusted by two independent propeller drives and should be achieved quickly and if possible without overshooting. A fuzzy control will be developed and optimised for this purpose. The inclination of the pendulum is measured by a potentiometer. The sensor supplies a crisp signal to the fuzzy controller, where the signal is transformed into a fuzzy input value and inferenced before being transformed back into a crisp output value. This output value controls the actuators, two propeller drives.

Specification of Fuzzy Control: Inverted Pendulum

  • Design and optimise fuzzy control systems using microcontroller technology
  • Inverted pendulum as mechanical single-variable system, SIMO (Single Input - Multiple Outputs)
  • 2 independent motors for propeller drive as actuators
  • FSH-Shell development software for designing and optimising the fuzzy controller
  • Rotary potentiometer as pendulum inclination sensor
  • Part of the structured learning concept: level 2a

Technical Data of Fuzzy Control: Inverted Pendulum

Inverted pendulum

  • Length: 780mm
  • Counterweight: 1,89kg
  • 2 drive motors: 7,2V / 23A


  • 8bit microcontroller Zilog Z8Encore
  • 12-fold ADC 8bit
  • Software: FSH-Shell, runs under Windows XP or Windows Vista

Rotary potentiometer

  • Resistance value 5kΩ +/- 20%

Dimensions and Weight of Fuzzy Control: Inverted Pendulum

  • l x w x h: 600x520x1200mm (with upright pendulum)
  • Weight: approx. 36kg

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