The handheld electrical test device  have combination of a two-channel, handheld digital oscilloscope for viewing electrical signals with a manual- and auto-ranging digital multimeter for measuring AC and DC voltage to 400V, AC and DC current to 10 amp, resistance to 40 MΩ, and capacitance to 100 μF. The oscilloscope has a maximum real-time sample rate of 100 MS/s for the 20 MHz model, 250 MS/s for the 60 MHz model, and 500 MS/s for the 100 MHz model, and a record length of 6,000 points per channel for acquiring detailed waveforms. Its four math functions—add, subtract, multiply, and divide—plus FFT (fast Fourier transform) and 20 automatic measurements such as period, frequency, and peak-to-peak enable an in-depth analysis of waveforms. Up to four waveforms can be stored in the internal memory. The multimeter has two ranging modes: manual, which allows the user to select the operating range, and auto, which automatically selects the appropriate operating range. The delta relative function allows a measurement to be set as a reference value and displays subsequent measurements as a positive or negative deviation from that value, and the data-hold function freezes a reading on the display to aid documentation.
 A continuity buzzer confirms that the circuit conducts electricity, and a diode check detects whether a circuit's diodes are working properly.

Additional specifications include a rise time of 17.5 ns for the 20 MHz model, 5.8 ns for the 60 MHz model, and 3.5 ns for the 100 MHz model, and various triggering features. The unit has a 3.7" color TFT (thin film transistor) LCD with a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels for viewing waveforms and measurements. An oscilloscope is used for electronics applications such as product design, assembly lines, repair and servicing, and electrical engineering education, among others. A multimeter is an electrical testing tool for measuring multiple properties of an electrical circuit to verify proper operation or diagnose problems.

The unit has a USB host port and connection cable for storing data on a flash drive (sold separately), a USB device port and an RS-232 port for connecting to a PC, and includes Microsoft Windows compatible software for transmitting data and remote operation. It meets EN (European Standard) 61010-1:2001 safety standard, and is rated for CAT II installations to 400V, which covers energy-consuming equipment connected to a fixed installation, including household, office, and laboratory. It has European Conformity (CE) marking. It comes with two oscilloscope voltage probes; a set of test leads; an extension module for small capacitance measurement; an output terminal for testing of 1 kHz/5V square-wave signal; probe adjustment tools; a USB mass storage connection cable; a USB/RS-232 interface cable; CD-ROM PC software; a rechargeable lithium ion battery; a battery charger/AC adapter for 100 to 240V, 50/60 Hz; and instructions.
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