Hydrostatics Bench .

Description of Hydrostatics Bench:

Hydrostatics Bench is styled to be a matching unit to Hydraulics Bench, which provides a range of hydro dynamic experiments. The unit is self-contained and independent of all laboratory services. The bench consists of a steel-framed unit, mounted on castors, and containing a high quality fibreglass work surface, a steel backboard and a storage cupboard and shelf under the work surface. The working surface is recessed and supplied with a drain point. A number of the individual experiments are permanently mounted on the backboard, whilst the remaining items are conveniently stored in the cupboard along with the triple beam balance. The optional barometer, consists of siphon type barometer mounted on a wooden backboard supplied complete with mounting brackets for attaching to the frame of the Hydrostatics Bench.

Experimental Capability of Hydrostatics Bench: 

  1. Density Measurement Specific gravity bottle.
  2. Relative Density Measurement Hydrometer.  
  3. Variation of Pressure with Head.
  4. Manometry and Hare Tube
  5. Measurement of Pressure.
  6. Demonstration of Pascal Law.
  7. Viscosity Measurement Capillary
  8. Viscosity Measurement Falling Sphere.
  9. Capillarity.
  10. Measurement of Surface Tension.
  11. Archimedes Principle.
  12. Use of a Vernier Level Gauge.
  13. Hydraulic Press

Specification of Hydrostatics Bench

a) Items mounted on the backboard:  

  1. Hare tube, 600 mm long
  2. Water manometer, 600 mm long
  3. Manometer, 250 mm long
  4. Manometer manifold block.
  5. Vacuum/pressure Bourdon tube pressure gauge range 1 bar to +0.6 bar  Vernier hook gauge
  6. Archimedes experiment with spring balance, bucket and cylinder  Capillary viscometer to viscosity range l.5 to l0cSt  
  7. Falling sphere viscometer to viscosity range ˆ10· to 850St

b) Additional items for storage in the cupboard comprise:  

  1. Specific gravity bottle - capacity 10 ml
  2. Pipette, l0 ml capacity
  3. Pascal apparatus, comprising glass tubes of differing shapes and varying cross-sectional area sealed by a pressure disc actuated by a weighing beam  
  4. Vacuum pump, hand-operated for maximum vacuum l20 torr
  5. Hydraulic press with two cylinders of bores 20 mm and 54 mm  
  6. Capillarity apparatus comprising set of capillary tubes inframe and trough  
  7. Capillarity apparatus comprising two glass plates inframe and trough

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