Injection Control System

Injection Control System .

Injection Control System

With the Injection Control System simulator it is possible to study the control (diesel engine management) and the diesel engines direct injection

The Injection Control System simulator covers the following topics:  


  1. Heavy vehicle wiring diagram
  2. Heavy vehicle Electronics Control Module (ECM)
  3. Heavy vehicle electronic fuel injection systems
  4. Heavy vehicle sensors
  5. Heavy vehicle exhaust gas analysis and emission control
  6. Heavy vehicle turbo chargers and blowers
  7. Heavy vehicle cold start systems
  8. 12 V circuits
  9. Electronic control of vehicle performance and speed
  10. Engine protection
  11. Fuel tank with pre‐filter
  12. High pressure electro‐pump
  13. Flow limiter
  14. Electronic control board for the management of the whole plant
  15. Engine rpm sensor
  16. Accelerator pedal position sensor
  17. Over‐supply pressure sensor
  18. Air temperature sensor, engine temperature sensor, air mass sensor.

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