Kaplan Turbine Test Set

Kaplan Turbine Test Set .

Kaplan Turbine Test Set

Description of Kaplan Turbine Test Set

The set is designed for studying the Kaplan turbine characteristics under various flow rates and heads. The unit consists of a storage tank, a pump, a turbine, a dynamometer, a generator, and measuring instruments. The adjustable guide vanes direct water to the runner. Direct coupling generator with clutch is provided to simulate actual turbine generator operation. Power output at various flow rates, heads and speeds can be measured by either dynamometer or generator output. The unit is on wheels.

Experiments of Kaplan Turbine Test Set

  1. Torque vs speed at various heads and flow rates.
  2. Power output vs speed for various heads and flow rates.
  3. Efficiency vs speed for a given head and flow rate.
  4. Overall turbine generator efficiency.
  5. Racing characteristics

Technical Data of Kaplan Turbine Test Set


  1. Construction: Fixed blade stainless steel runner.

Maximum power: 1500 W of brake power or 1000 W of electrical power.

Pump: 7.5 kW.

Generator: 2 kVA.

Electrical load: Lamp bank.

Dynamometer: Mechanical brake absorber.

Measuring instruments:

  1. Torque: Spring balance.
  2. Flow rate and speed: Digital display.
  3. Pressure: Pressure gauge.
  4. Electrical power output: Voltage and current digital display.
Power supply: 380V 3 Ph 50 Hz. Other power supply is available on request

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