Laminar Flow Apparatus .

Laminar Flow Apparatus

Description of Laminar Flow Apparatus

Laminar Flow Apparatus equipment is designed to study laminar flow in two dimensions. Laminar Flow Apparatus is to be used with Hydraulics Bench. Two horizontal plates are placed closely together with seals on side edges.  The top plate is transparent and has a transparent grid to help observe stream line patterns. This plate is removable to insert or remove models.  The bottom plate has small holes which are connected by valves to a water supply or source and a drain or sink.  Water is admitted through a diffuser at one end and drained at the other end. Stream lines are produced by regulating a flow of dye from a reservoir through a series of holes at the upstream end. The set rests on adjustable screw supports with bulls eye level 

Technical Data of Laminar Flow Apparatus

  1. Channel size: 260 mm wide x 360 mm long.
  2. Sinks sources: 5.
  3. Dye reservior: 1 ea.
  4. Number of streamlines: over 10.
  5. Models: 1 lot.

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