1.     Features:

i.   5-digit tachometer which incorporates a laser for accurate targeting ability

ii.  Direct reading RPM

iii. Memory - recall of last reading, max, min

iv. Reflective target tapes included


2.     Specifications:

i.   Measurement Range

-       10-99999rpm

ii.  Resolution

-       0.1rpm (1rpm above 100rpm)

iii. Accuracy

-       ± (0.05% + 1digit)

iv. Sensing Range

-       50 to 2000mm

v.  Battery Operate.
vi. Laser
-  Wavelength -645nm
vii.   Power
-1mW (class 2)
viii.  Overall Dimensions     
-190 x 72 x 37mm (H x W x D)

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