Machinetestsystem 1.0 KW

Machinetestsystem 1.0 KW .
Equipment set for recording the characteristics
of electrical machines of the 1000 Watt class,
consisting of:
1) Cradle-type three-phase asynchronous machine, with squirrel-cage rotor and integrated torquepick-up and integrated incremental tacho.
This specially-designed machine is equippedwith sufficient power and torque reserves tobreak up or drive any of the machines contained in the electrical machine system, power class 1.0 kW. Torque measurement is performed using strain gauges mounted on a very durable, highly elastic
stainless steel bending bar with fullyintegrated electronics. Overload protection isperformed by monitoring with thermal circuitbreakers; power supply is carried out by thecontrol unit via a permanently connected cable
with a round 7-pin connector plug. Transmission of the measured signal values isperformed using a fix D-sub 25 connection cable.
Torque: max. ± 19.9 Nm
Speed: max. ± 5,000 min-1

2) Control unit, equipped with microcontroller and integrated frequency converter capable of supplying the power and controlling the three-phase pendulum machine and displaying the speed and torque measurement values. Connection to the PC via USB. The recording of the characteristics is performed point-by-point or automatically either manually or with the PC in all four quadrants of the speed/torque plane.

-Automatic digital speed control:
-5000 min-1...0...+5000 min-1
-Automatic digital torque control: ± 19.9 Nm
-Automatic recording of run-up and load characteristics
-Load simulation: flywheel, lift drive (M = const.), fan drive (M~ kn2) free adjustable, winding drive (M~k/n) free adjustable
-free recording characteristic relating to the user specification (Mi=ni)
-External control: -10 V...+10 V
-Seven segment display, 25 mm high, for speed: 4-digit, torque: 3 digit
 parallel operation with software is possible
-Temperature monitoring: machine under test, pendulum machine, control unit
-Shaft guard observation: system stop withprotection for unintended system start
-Four quadrant display with LEDs for operating mode of the machine under test
-Adjustable torque limiting (overload protection) and stop speed (for automatic characteristic recording)
-RMS measuring: three inputs for voltage measuring

 (Umax=600 V AC/DC), one input for current measuring
 (Imax=10 A AC/DC), all frequency converter suitable
-USB interface for connection to PC for transmission of measured values and remote control via software
-Highest safety standard:
-leakage current < 5 mA
- Mains connection: 230 V, 47...62 Hz, 2 kW,with mains connection cable and earthing-pinplug

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