Manual Cooling Tower

Manual Cooling Tower .

Manual Cooling Tower

  • Rectangular tower manufactured of Plexiglas with a height of 550 mm.
  • 3x different packaging of 92,131 and 235 m2/m3 easily interchangeable in the tower
  • Additional water tank manufactured from Plexiglas with a capacity of 1 litre
  • Centrifugal fan with a maximum flow rate of 1,340 m3per hour and head of 80 mm H2O.
  • Tank manufactured from stainless steel for hot water with a capacity of 9 litres complete with 3 x  500 watts electric heaters.
  • Water pump with a maximum flow rate of 3 m3per hour and  head of 5 m H2O
  • 6x digital thermometers with LCD displays
  • Flow meter with a range of 20 to 200 litres per hour.
  • Electrical control panel in main cabinet
  • Emergency stop button

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