Mini Flow Channel .

Mini Flow Channel

Description of Mini Flow Channel

Mini Flow Channel equipment demonstrates primary characteristics of flow in an open channel including flow patterns over or around immersed objects. It is to be used with Hydraulics Bench. The Mini Flow Channel in made of clear acrylic with an undershot weir at inlet and an overshot weir at discharge. Water is admitted to the channel through a cylinder with a stilling baffle to reduce turbulence. Flow rate can be controlled by a flow control valve of the Hydraulics Bench. A dye injection system is installed at the channel inlet to observe flow patterns around models. A grid on a white background is provided for easy observation of the streamlines.

Technical Data of Mini Flow Channel

  1. Channel: Length 620 mm, depth 180 mm.
  2. Models: Small cylinder, large cylinder.
  3. Narrow crested weir, broad crested weir.
  4. Crump weir, symmetrical aero foil, asymmetrical aero foil.
  5. Dye injection system: 8 needles.

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