Multi Speed Starter 1/3HP 250W 60 HZ .

Multi Speed Starter 1/3HP (250W) 60 HZ

The Multi Speed Starter 1/3HP (250W) 60 HZ is used to start multi-speed motors with windings divided into parts for speed change. The trainer is equipped with thermal protection, low-stop-high push-button and two (2) pilot lamps to indicate respectively low and high speed. The unit is housed in a full-size totally enclosed portable modular unit. Connections to the unit are made through 4 mm standard color-coded safety terminals. This permits the utilization of banana-type jumper leads between the power supply and other components in the circuit. Specifications and/or diagrams are silk-screened on the back of a clear-plastic front panel for ease of identification. The trainer is protected by a either a diode or thermal-magnetic circuit breaker. Requires a 120/208V 60Hz circuit.

Technical Specifications of Multi Speed Starter 1/3HP (250W) 60 HZ

  • Power: 120/208 VAC, 1/3 hp (250 W), 5 A
  • Number of phases: 3
  • Number of steps: 6
  • Reset button
  • Pilot lamp (2)
  • Low speed /stop/high speed push-button
  • Frequency: 60 Hz

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