Multiphase Flow Unit

Multiphase Flow Unit .
Description of Multiphase Flow Unit for Science Lab Equipment Laboratory Instruments Manufacturers, Engineering Lab Equipments Manufacturers
The Multiphase Flow Unit which is particularly suitable for ‘oil and gas‘courses enables students to study 2- and 3-phase flow (oil, water and compressed air) by means of ‘once through’ experimental runs followed by gravitational separation. The unit provides for various investigations including single phase flow, hydrostatic and dynamic pressure investigations, hold-up time and slip velocity, 2-phase separation and superficial velocity, drift velocity in air/water flow, 2-phase flow, 2-phase and 3-phase flow separation rates, bubble structures and bubble sizes. The unit is operated via a touch-screen PC with SCADA software and may be specified with an electrical capacitance tomography sensor option for advanced studies in flow and bubble structure imaging.
Features of Multiphase Flow Unit:
Exceptional dynamic response time
Industries largest operating envelope
No separation required
100% gas void fraction capability
No moving parts
Compact and robust design
Qualified and covers all environments

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