Multistage Planetary Gears

Multistage Planetary Gears .
Multistage Planetary Gears for Science Lab Equipment Laboratory Instruments Manufacturers, Engineering Lab Equipments Manufacturers

The Planetary Gear is a special type of gear drive, in which the multiple planet gears revolve around a centrally arranged sun gear. The planet gears are mounted on a planet carrier and engage positively in an internally toothed ring gear. Torque and power are distributed among several planet gears. Sun gear, planet carrier and ring gear may either be driving, driven or fixed. Planetary gears are used in automotive construction and shipbuilding, as well as for stationary use in turbines and general mechanical engineering.

Learning Objectives And Experiments
    Determine the transmission ratio for a locked gear
    Measure transmitted forces for a locked gear
    Gear acceleration under constant driving torque
    Influence of the transmission ratio
    Determine reduced mass moment of inertia
    Conversion of potential energy into kinetic energy
    Determine friction
    Determine gear efficiency

    Two-stage planetary gears with three planet gears each
    Four different transmissions can be configured
    Bending beams to measure force
    Inductive speed sensors for speed-time diagrams to determine the angular acceleration

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