Parabolic Arch Unit .


The Unit Includes:

  • Frame, of anodized aluminum, with measurement system to level the ends of the parabolic arch.
  • Parabolic arch made of tempered steel with 7 cords with hangers to hang the weights from them (uniformly distributed load or point  load):
  • Length: 500mm.
  • Height: 200mm.
  • Cross section: 20 x 1.5mm.

Support Systems:

  • Fixed end.
  • Movable end that moves horizontally along a guide. This end can be transformed into a fixed end.
  • 3 pairs of pulleys that allow to lodge the weights required for:
  • To cancel out the horizontal displacement and to fix the movable support.
  • To compensate the vertical reaction of the support.
  • 2 dial gauges, range: 0-25mm. Precision: 0.01mm

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