Photoelastic Demonstration

Photoelastic Demonstration .

Photoelastic Demonstration

Specification of Photoelastic Demonstration

  • Photoelastic experiments with an overhead polariscope
  • Polariser and analyser each comprising a polarisation filter and quarter wave filter
  • Filter enclosed, with stress-free glazing
  • All filters rotatable in any direction on the horizontal plane
  • Plane or circular polarised light possible
  • Green filter for monochromatic light
  • Load application device with force gauge for compressive and tensile loading
  • 8 different polycarbonate (pc) models supplied
  • Storage system to house the components

Technical Data

Filter Holder

  • 2 filter, enclosed in glass, each comprising
  • 1 polarisation filter, diameter: d=165mm
  • 1 quarter wave filter, diameter: d=165mm
  • 1 green filter, diameter: d=150mm
  • Load application device with force gauge
  • Load force: 0...250n

8 models, pc

  • Bar without notches
  • Bar with hole
  • Bar notched on one side
  • Bar notched on both sides
  • Rectangle without cut-outs
  • Rectangle with cut-outs
  • Fork
  • Crane hook

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