PLC Controlled Hydraulic Training Device

PLC Controlled Hydraulic Training Device .

PLC Controlled Hydraulic Training Device

Description of PLC Controlled Hydraulic Training Device

PLC Controlled Hydraulic Training Device is designed and made based on the universal content about Hydraulic transmission Hydraulic control technology. It can be used as the comprehensive test-bed of the mechanical, electrical and pneumatic. Students can get more accurate, in-depth understanding of the structure of hydraulic components, hydraulic control loop theory and design methods through operation. PLC Controlled Hydraulic Training Device uses transparent hydraulic components, combined plug structure, active oil joints and General Electric lines. With the use of tools and materials and also with reference to experimental instructions, a variety of hydraulic transmission control, experiments and tests can be easily operated. It allows students to understand the internal components of hydraulic oil and hydraulic principle, structure and working process, which makes it the essential equipment for hydraulic teaching.

Main Technical Parameters of PLC Controlled Hydraulic Training Device


  • Experimental bench dimensions: 1500mm*700mm*760mm
  • Experimental bracket dimensions 1100mm*400mm*920mm
  • Power: input AC220V, output DC24V, AC24V
  • Rated voltage: 220V, 50Hz
  • Motor type: YET-80102, Rated current:0.8A
  • Rated power: 150W, Rated voltage: DC220V
  • Speed range: 0~1200rpw
  • Technical parameters of gear pump:  rated speed: 1450rpw, working pressure: 0-0.8Mpa, flow rate: 
Features of PLC Controlled Hydraulic Training Device



  • The training panel uses aluminum profile which makes it easy to install the components onto the panel. All the hydraulic components are made of imported acrylic material with advantages of high transparency, no yellowing, small size and light weight. You can teach and explain the individual hydraulic component structure, working principle and performance by taking advantage of the transparent characteristics. You can also observe the action conditions of the spool in the circuit and the flow of fluid in the body by composing arbitrary basic circuits. Thus it can meet the teaching needs if different hydraulic experiments.
  • The hydraulic experimental device mainly consists of experimental bench, hydraulic components and electrical control devices and some other components.
  • All common used hydraulic components are equipped. Each hydraulic component is quipped with a mounting plate. The hydraulic components can be easily and freely installed onto the panel.

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