Powder Mixer

Powder Mixer .

Powder Mixer system was designed for the laboratory study of powder mixing with a V-system. It is based on the principle of dividing, turning over and rejoining the mass. Powder Mixer is made up a sturdy frame of AISI 304 stainless steel which supports the V mixer, also made of stainless steel, with two inspection traps and a manual outlet butterfly valve. The Powder Mixer assembly is entirely protected by a stainless steel grating which can be opened at the rear. The door has a safety micro switch which switches off the electric power in case of untimely opening. The system is operated by a self-braking worm screw ratio motor with an adjustable cam for making the V-body stop in a vertical position with the outlet facing downward. On the electric control panel is assembled a timer which makes it possible to choose the work times.

Technical features of Powder Mixer

  • Capacity: 70 dm3
  • Working capacity: 35 dm3
  • Rotating speed: 15 g/l'
  • Electrical power: 0.5 HP

Required services of Powder Mixer

  • Electrical power: three-phase 220/380 V, 50 Hz

Weight and dimensions of Powder Mixer

  • Dimensions: 1550x1450x1800 h mm
  • Weight: 280 kg

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