SRS AIRBAG System demonstration panel represents the AIRBAG System construction allowing evaluation of its parameters. The elements of a typical Supplemental Restraint System are: a system controller, a frontal airbag, a passenger’s airbag, side airbags, tensioners and sensors of side crashes.

These elements enable diagnosing of the system.


  1. The fault simulation console enables the creation of breakdowns in selected circuits and the observation of the reaction of the control system to the occurred conditions.
  2. The used subassemblies enable the diagnosis of the Supplemental Restraint System and of the modern control panel where the SRS AIRBAG System warning lamp is located.
  3. The panel is equipped with an engine diagnostic connector for the installing of the diagnostic device, which enables the reading and the erasing of breakdown codes and current parameters plus the control of the control panel’s indicators and many other functions

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