Test Bench For Electric Machines

Test Bench For Electric Machines .

Test Bench For Electric Machines

The Test Bench For Electric Machines is a multipurpose bench for the study and characterization of the electrical machines using an automated test approach. The system is composed of the following main sections:


  1. Prime mover: A squirrel cage three-phase asynchronous machine controlled by an inverter in four quadrant operation providing the mechanical power and torque necessary for the characterization of the machine under study.
  2. HMI (Human machine interface): the heart of the laboratory. It performs the test automation and provides the user interface to execute the experiments. The HMI communicates with the other devices via serial port using the Modbus protocol, reading electrical and mechanical data from instruments and providing the commands to the prime mover, so it can be used as drive, load or a speed and torque control to put the machine under test in a specific working condition or to simulate different load profiles such as fan, lift, etc.
  3. Instruments: collect mechanical (speed, torque and temperature) as well as electrical data, and can provide control signals to synchronize a generator with the grid

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