Thread Efficiency Testing Equipment

Thread Efficiency Testing Equipment .

Thread Efficiency Testing Equipment       

Technical description of Thread Efficiency Testing Equipment       

This benchtop unit is based on the vertical combination of a threaded spindle and a nut. It contains two spindles with trapezoid threads and varying lead. To match these spindles, three long nuts made of different materials with single lead, and a cast iron nut with a double lead are provided. A spring balance with a nylon cord enables a turning moment to be exercised on the spindle using a pulley. Additional weights can be placed on the rotating plate to change the axial load on the thread. The thread efficiency can be determined and compared using the measured values. The unit is portable and is equipped with anti-slip feet to ensure that it remains stable. The painted metal base plate is fitted with clips for the individual parts.

Specification of Thread Efficiency Testing Equipment       

  • Benchtop experiment on thread efficiency with different materials
  • 2 trapezoidal threaded spindles with different thread pitches
  • 4 different nuts
  • Steel plate and 2 additional weights for axial load
  • Spring balance, cord and pulley  to apply turning moment

Technical data of Thread Efficiency Testing Equipment       

Spindle threads

  • Tr30x6
  • Tr30x12p6


  • 3x single lead (cast iron, bronze, plastic)
  • 1x double lead (cast iron)

Steel plate

  • Diameter: d=140mm
  • Weight: 30n
  • Load weights: 1x 10n and 1x 20n
  • Spring balance: 0...5n, graduations 0.05n

Dimensions and weight of Thread Efficiency Testing Equipment       


  • L x w x h : 300 x 300 x 300 mm
  • Weight : approx. 15 kg

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