i.   Equipment supplied must include all necessary accessories.

     ii.   The equipment supplied must be in complete set to make sure it can be fully operated.

    iii.   These Induction Motors are actual industrial machines but specially adapted for use as demonstration or instructional units. The windings of each motor are bought out to terminate at educational type terminal box to provide efficient and convenient means of connection to external test circuits.


2. Specification:

1.     Four (4) units of three phase induction motor (slip ring) :

     i.    Voltage : 415 VAC , three phase , 50Hz

    ii.    Power : 3.7 kW (5HP

   iii.    Output Speed : 1500 rpm/ 4pole

   iv.    Frame and Cooling ; Drip-proof / totally enclosed for cooled (TEFC)

    v.    Mounting : Foot Mounting

   vi.    Insulation Class: Class F or better

  vii.    Temperature rise: max . 80 °C

2.     Every single motor come with portable base and caster wheels

3.     All required cables such as AC cord and fuse needed to make the equipment fully operational must be supplied.

4.     Training - Hand-on training session to not less than five (5) participants for a period not less than 2 days. Contents of training: Tenderer is required to provide.

5.     The vendor should warranty the equipment for at least 2 year for part and labour.
Three copies of Lab Workbook and Instruction Manual with reference answer: detailed instruction manual with well thought out experiments covering the above topics. Strongly supported by detailed Operating Instructions, giving details of Object, Theory, Design procedures, Report Suggestions

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