Training System Temperature Control Experiment

Training System Temperature Control Experiment .

Specification Of Training System Temperature Control

  • Experimental unit for control engineering experiments
  • Temperature control of a heated metal bar
  • Heating and cooling by Peltier element
  • Temperature sensors at 3 different points along axis of bar to establish thermal lags
  • Software activated fan to generate disturbance variables
  • Software-based controlled system simulation
  • Process schematic on front panel

Technical Data

  • Heated bar: DxL: 20x200mm, aluminium

Peltier element

  • power consumption depending on temperature
  • power at 300K: 38,2W
  • power at 50°C: 44,3W
  • operated by DC voltage


  • Power consumption: 2W
  • Max. flow rate: 40m³/h
  • Temperature sensor: 0...100°C
  • Thermometer: 0...100°C
  • Temperature control range: 0...100°C

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