Two Speed Motor .

Two Speed Motor 60 HZ

The Two Speed Motor 60 HZ uses consequent poles to change speed. Both speeds at variable torque can be obtained according to the wiring connection. The motor windings are brought out to 4mm color-coded safety terminals on the front panel. This trainer is fully compatible with the basic equipment.

Educational Advantages of Two Speed Motor 60 HZ

  • Designed to teach the principles of the two-speed split phase motor
  • Compatible with all basic equipment

Technical Specifications of Two Speed Motor 60 HZ

  • Power: 208 VAC, 3Φ
  • Horsepower rating: 0.33 HP (250 W)/ 0.13 HP (62.5 W)
  • Speed: 1725/850 rpm
  • Frequency: 60 Hz
  • Thermal breaker protection

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