Typical Sensor Training Kit .

Typical Sensor Training Kit

Introduction of Typical Sensor Training Kit

The Typical Sensor Training Kit uses separate heat and digital intelligent temperature regulation, it is a perfect solution to heat aging and performance instability problems. It adopts independent modular units and modular design which makes more easily to carry out the relative experiments.

Configurations And Technical Parameters of Typical Sensor Training Kit

  • Signal source: 1k ~ 10kHz, amplitude VPP = 8V, with a digital frequency meter indication
  • DC power source: ± 5V, ± 12v
  • Current source: 0 ~ 20mA Output
  • DC voltmeter: 0-2V, 0-20V
  • Intelligent temperature control module: 0 ~ 400 ℃ temperature range
  • Temperature sensor module include: PN junction, negative thermal sensitive resistors, platinum resistance, copper resistance, K-type thermocouple, E-type thermocouple
  • Optical speed sensor module
  • Strain sensor module
  • Differential transformer module
  • Hall sensor module
  • Capacitive sensor module

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