Universal Frame and Stand .

Description of Universal Frame and Stand

Manufactured from high quality, ergonomic aluminium profile, the Universal Frame and Stand comprises an upper dual frame, which creates a continuous mounting slot around all four sides of the frame thus allowing the individual experiment components to be interchanged quickly. The floor mounting frame can be easily converted to a bench-mounted version when using the bench mounting feet arrangement which is supplied as standard. The internal working dimensions for mounting experiments are 1.22m x 0.76m. Should specimen beams longer than 1.22metres be used, the working gap allows the beams to run through the frame and protrude outside the working area.

Specifications of Universal Frame and Stand


  1. To be floor standing, twinned aluminium profile section frame
  2. To mount all structures experiments quickly and easily
  3. To have 1.22 x 0.76m clear internal work space
  4. To have 5000N (5kN) capacity
  5. To be easily converted to bench mounted frame using parts supplied as standard
  6. To allow attachment of Interface unit via profiled grooves of frame
  7. Enables student project work
  8. To be supplied with full comprehensive instruction manual and tools

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