Should provide to carrying out the following  topics:-

1.    Multiple testing methods: Brinell, Rockwell & Vickers.
2.    LCD screen display and microprocessor control.
3.    Automatically Loading and unloading test force.
4.    Built-in Printer to record technical data during testing.
5.    Direct readout of hardness value without checking conversion table.

Standard delivery:
1.    Main unit
a.    Diamond indenter.
b.    Ø1.588 mm ball indenter.
c.    Ø2.5mm ball indenter.
d.    Ø5mm ball indenter.
e.    Large flat anvil.
f.    Medium flat anvil.
g.    V anvil.
h.    Rockwell hardness block (HRC55~65).
i.    Rockwell Hardness block (HRC25~35)
j.    Rockwell Hardness Block(HRB75~95)
k.    Brinell hardness block(HB2.5/187/30 200±50
l.    Vickers hardness block(HV30 450±50)
m.    Weight
n.    15× measuring eyepiece
o.    2.5×eyepiece
p.    5×eyepiece
q.    V anvil
r.    Cone shape anvil
s.    Microscope body
t.    Light head
u.    Instruction manual
v.    TIME certificate
w.    Warranty card
Technical Specification:
1.    Pre-test force(N) 98
2.    Total test force
a.    Vickers Testing Force 294, 588, 980
b.    Rockwell Testing Force 588, 980, 1471
c.    Brinell testing force 306, 613, 1839
3.    Magnification of microscope 37.5×, 75×
4.    Hardness reading LCD
5.    Resolution 0.1
6.    Dwell time (s) 1~60
7.    Rockwell hardness measuring range
a.    (70~85)HRA、(30~100)HRB、   (20~67)HRC
8.    Accuracy ±1HR
9.    Repeatability 0.8HR
10.    Brinell measuring range (8~650)HB
11.    Accuracy (δ /%) ±2.5
12.    Repeatability(Hcf/%) ≤3.0
13.    Vickers measuring range (14~1000) HV
14.    Accuracy(δ /%) ±2
15.    Repeatability(Hcf/%) ≤2.5
16.    Vertical testing space(mm)
a.    180(Rockwell),135Vickers,Brinell)
17.    Horizontal testing space(mm) 140
18.    Dimensions(mm) 463×215×700
19.    Power AC220V
20.    Weight(Kg) 75

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