Universal Motor .
Universal Motors as the name suggests are universal because they can run on AC Supply as well as DC Supply, they belong to the family of Single phase motors with the difference that they have wound rotor, commutator & brush as used in dc motors. These motors are for intermittent duty cycles as their rpm is very high and find application in Domestic Mixer grinders & Home appliances, Industrial use is Switch yards in Power sub stations for spring charging of Circuit breakers. This Model is the Industrial/Educational model suitable for demonstrating to students the complete know of the Basics, Components, Starting methods, Speed-Torque, Wear & Tear & Maintenance of these motors packaged in small rating. Students can make connections of their own with the help of the terminations provided for study of features viz Starting methods, Speed-Torque, Effect of reduced voltage, Blocked rotor test.

Specifications :

  • Power ratings available : 350W / 750W
  • Voltage Input: 230V AC 50hz or 230 DC
  • RPM: 6000 / 10000
  • Single / Double shaft extension, SPDP, IP23, IC01, B3, Class-B, Short time duty, Solid yoke

List of Experiments :

  • Starting by AC DOL Starter
  • Starting by reduced AC voltage starter
  • Starting by DC Starter
  • Speed control by DC SCR Drive
  • Load test & No load test of machine
  • Speed-Torque Analysis
  • Efficiency Analysis
  • Blocked rotor test
  • Cold Resistance & Hot Resistance
  • Motor Operation parameters
  • Basic Overhauling Know how

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