Valve Refacer

Valve Refacer .

  • 6 to 17.46 mm valve stem capacity.
  • 0° to 90° valve angle adjustment.
  • 27 to 79 mm valve head capacity (wet).
  • 700 ml coolant water pot with baffle plates and filter.
  • 4-point bearing mounting on both work and wheel tables for achieving better stability and precision.
  • Bearing adjustment on feed screws with automatic end play take-up.
  • Multi-start feed screw for rapid feeding of the workpiece.
  • Quick damping collets.
  • Diamond wheel dresser (which comes as standard) for grinding wheel dressing.
No load speeds Wheel Head 5200 rpm
Work Head 375 rpm
Net weight 73 kg
Shipping weight 130 kg
Standard equipment Three collets (6 mm - 12.3 mm, 7.94 mm - 14.29 mm, 12.3 mm- 17.46 mm). 125 mm grinding wheel, wheel dresser. tommy bar and spanner.

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